Tips for Writing to Your Legislators

Writing or emailing your own state senator or representative is an important way to support reforms you care about. The following tips can help:

  • Keep your letter brief, polite and focused on the issue you are writing about.
  • If you are writing to ask a legislator to help you with a loved one’s case, it is better to do so in a separate letter.
  • If sending a physical letter, always type it out.
  • Always include your full name, address and phone number, even in emails.

Justice Thru Storytelling has written a letter you can send via email or print and send by mail.

If sending a physical letter, address it thus:

The Honorable (Full name), State Senator, State Capitol, PO Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909-7536

The Honorable (Full name), State Representative, State Capitol, PO Box 30014, Lansing, MI 48909-7514.

If sending an email, find your representative or senator’s email address or the contact form on their website.

A sample outline for your letter or email

Keep it relatively simple and short.

Your greeting and first paragraph

Dear Senator/Representative (Last name):

  • You are writing in support of an issue.
  • You are a constituent/your business is in their district/you are a leader in an organization, etc.
  • The issue is very important to you/your family/the state, etc.

Your second and third paragraphs

  • Examples of how the issue has affected you, your loved ones or the state of Michigan, etc.

Your last paragraph

  • Urge them to support Justice Thru Storytelling’s recommendations, the change you desire, etc.
  • Ask them to respond back, letting you know how they plan to vote/take action.
  • Thank them for their consideration of your request.

Your closing lines


Your Name
Your full address
A phone number where you can be reached

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