Legal Advocates

Former Oakland County Circuit Judge Jack McDonald sentenced Nancy Seaman to life in prison in 2005. Today, he believes she was not given full representation at her trial and that there is no way she premeditated her husband’s murder. “This is the only case that haunts me after 17 years on the bench” said McDonald. He has written Michigan Governor Snyder on numerous occasions on behalf of Nancy Seaman.

Norman Lippitt has been practicing law for over 50 years. He is still advocating for the release of a battered woman he sentenced over 26 years ago, when he was a circuit court judge. Karen Kantzler is serving time at Huron Valley in Ypsilanti MI. Norman went to her parole board hearing in 2015 and told the board that he made a big mistake when he sentenced her to life in prison. Karen’s request was denied with no reason given.

Nels Thompson is the former prison psychologist employed by the Michigan Department of Corrections. He developed a domestic violence program for the women in prison and worked in individual and group sessions for years. He is an advocate speaking up for the release of Nancy Seaman and Karen Kantzler who killed their spouse in self-defense and do not deserve a life behind bars.

Carol Jacobsen is a Professor at the University of Michigan as well as the Executive Director of the Women’s Justice & Clemency Project in Ann Arbor. Photo taken prior to the Public Hearing for Karen Kantzler on October 12, 2017.

Demand Justice

The goal of this campaign is to convince our legislators in the state of Michigan to change People v Christel to model the California law in order to bring #Justice4Women.



Advocating for the release of Karen Kantzler at her Public Hearing held at Jackson prison on October 12, 2017.
Left to right: Nels Thompson, Former Oakland County Judge Barry Howard, Kelle Lynn, Former Oakland County Judge Norman Lippitt, Gary Weingarten.

“The Double Injustice to Women” campaign on October 30, 2018.
Left to right: Nels Thompson, Kelle Lynn, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget McCormack, Judge Jack McDonald (retired)


Giving Voices to the Voiceless

Support the #Justice4Women Campaign, which Aims to Advocate for Battered Women in Prison Due to the Double Injustice of the Justice System.

We need the resources to advocate to the Governor and Parole Board, Judges, Prosecutors, Legislators and Law Enforcement.