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JTS is a nonprofit organization based in West Michigan that seeks to change the narratives of women who face imprisonment for defending themselves or their children from potentially deadly domestic violence.

We are focused on changing a longstanding ruling, People v Christel, that restricts expert testimony regarding battered women’s syndrome in trials of those accused of injuring or killing their abuser in self-defense. By changing the ruling to be more in keeping with the majority of other states, psychologists and other domestic violence experts will be able to testify on behalf of women in Michigan stand accused of crimes against their abuser.

Domestic violence is a serious issue in the United States.

Michigan State University national statistics on domestic violence show that about 20 Americans are victims of physical abuse every minute. The statistics also show one in three women are physically abused by an intimate partner, and one in five women are severely abused. Intimate partners are responsible for 15 percent of all violent crime.

Despite overwhelming evidence that domestic violence is real and affects women in significant numbers, women who attempt to or succeed in protecting themselves from abusive and violent partners often find themselves enmeshed in a justice system that doesn’t clearly understand the issues of domestic violence. Consequently, many women who killed abusive partners in self-defense are serving life sentences.

Justice Thru Storytelling seeks to change this narrative. Justice Thru Storytelling seeks #Justice4Women.


JTS hopes to empower women to share their stories, so the healing journey can begin.

“I will never forget a time in my life when I was at my lowest point. I felt beaten down and defeated. I didn’t have any supportive family close by. My abuser was a lot more savvy and powerful than I was.

One day I was talking to my brother over the phone about my situation. His words changed my entire thought process and direction.

“You need to fight power with power. You can’t be a victim now. FIGHT POWER WITH POWER.”
He said it with such a strong conviction.

Something instantly ignited inside of me. I knew he was right. That was when I fought back. It built up my self-confidence.
It was a tough time in my life. But I survived and ended up on top.”


Demand Justice

The goal of this campaign is to convince our legislators in the state of Michigan to change People v Christel to model the California law in order to bring #Justice4Women.


Giving Voices to the Voiceless

Support the #Justice4Women Campaign, which Aims to Advocate for Battered Women in Prison Due to the Double Injustice of the Justice System.

We need the resources to advocate to the Governor and Parole Board, Judges, Prosecutors, Legislators and Law Enforcement.

Letter from the Founder

Many Michigan laws regarding domestic abuse and violence are archaic and can actually harm victims. Take, for example, People v. Christel, decided in 1995. That case determined that experts can testify only generically to jurors and cannot address the individual woman’s case. Justice Thru Storytelling (JTS) is a 501 (c) 3 that seeks to change archaic Michigan laws regarding domestic abuse and violence.

Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement need to be thoroughly trained about domestic violence, what it is, how it happens, and how to deal with it compassionately, fairly, and effectively. Many admit they are unaware of Battered Women’s Syndrome and understand little about the dynamics of domestic violence.

Some courts admit that domestic violence cases are among the most complex. They also admit the need for experts to testify and educate jurors on behalf of abused women.

At JTS, we’re working to accomplish all of this. And we need your help. Together, we can help change Michigan laws that cause additional burden for women who have already been traumatized. Stop the injustice. Demand #Justice4Women now.

JTS has partnered with PayPal and Facebook to make donating to this cause easy. Simply click on the Donate button or send a tax-deductible check to JTS, PO Box 363, Grand Haven, MI 49417.

Kelle Lynn, Founder & Executive Director
Justice Thru Storytelling, Inc.

Kelle Lynn


I am an advocate for women without a voice, a silence-breaker, freelance writer, blogger, world traveler, yoga lover, knitter, snow skier, mom to a Shih Tzu, and survivor of domestic violence and #MeToo. I stayed silent for many years. I know how mental, emotional, and physical abuse affect women’s lives.

JTS believes in #justice4women

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